Things you must know about wooden doors and windows maintenance

After everything is finished, do the painting, the paint used is the special paint wood, where the paint contains special substances to protect the wood from rainwater, etc. Before the frame is painted, the parts that are hollow to the wood & pores must be patched together with special wood putty, first refined using fine sandpaper. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to consult the experts of window installation from the trusted companies near you, if you don’t know how anything about windows maintenance.

If the frames on the windows & doors have long been painted, there used to be dirt like lumps of dust, animal feces or insects that must be cleaned to avoid patches attached to the sills.

Repainting needs to be done so that the condition of the frame is consistently smooth & well maintained also seems always clean.

Avoid sills from impact in the form of sharp & hard objects due to furniture or vehicles, because it will leave permanent scratches on the wood such as peeling inside.

That is the many elements that must be considered to take care of the window & door frames in your dwelling, these aspects need you to do so that your home frames are always clean & neat so you don’t need to spend big money if the window & door frames in your dwelling are damaged severe & untreated. Hopefully useful, please check also about how to take care of a wall that is disturbed by mold.