Do These Things Before Leaving the Car in Self Storage

Storing a car in self-storage is considered safer than a house garage. Especially for those of you who decide to go out of town or abroad for a long time. If someone else knows that your house is empty, then the thief can use the moment to take your belongings. So one of the anticipations is to save the car in self-storage units, like in North Phoenix Self Storage. Self-storage units always have the best security, so only key owners can visit their self-storage.


Before putting the car into self-storage, you better do the following to keep your car in good condition even if left for a long time:

– Don’t forget to wash the car
Make sure you wash the car before storing it in self-storage. Why do you have to wash the car? Because by washing the car, you will clean the dirt left in the car. Dirt stuck in the car for a long time can damage the coating and paint of the vehicle. This is why you have to wash the car cleanly to between the cars so that there is no dirt left while left.

– Give a good car waxing
Although the security system and self-storage facilities are very good, do not forget to wax the car before storing it in self-storage. Waxing helps protect the paint to stay strong and shiny. If you really love your car because it will be left for a long time, then you will not mind doing it. You definitely want to see your car in good condition after being left for a long time.

– Give the car cover when stored in self-storage
Most people underestimate this. They think they don’t need to give a cover when the car is left in a room. Though this cover is also important to protect your car from dust that might accumulate during self-storage. Then it is better to protect the car with a cover in accordance with the brand to keep it clean.